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Fully insured, trustworthy, reliable and cost effective. Trust Schultz Lawnscapes to provide superior landscaping solutions for your home or business. Whether it’s annual maintenance, adding landscape or hardscape features, irrigation systems or mulch and leaf removal, Schultz Lawnscapes can and will handle the job. The Schultz Lawnscapes team will attack your toughest yard, garden, driveway, pool site, or new home site with energy and enthusiasm. And Schultz Lawnscapes always guarantees your satisfaction. Call Corey Schultz at (804) 586-9787 today for a free, no obligation quote.


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Warm Weather Services

  1. BulletMaintenance

  2. BulletInstallation

  3. BulletSod

  4. BulletIrrigation

  5. BulletHardscapes

  6. BulletRetaining Walls

  7. BulletPatios & Walkways

  8. BulletLeaf Removal

  9. BulletGrading

  10. BulletPlanting

  11. BulletFertilizing

Winter Services

  1. BulletAnnual Snow Contracts

  2. Bullet24 Hour Service

  3. BulletEmergency Service

Other Services

  1. BulletPower Washing

  2. BulletHauling